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Established in 1904, we are very proud that Tapper Funeral Service is one of the oldest family businesses in the area and one of only a handful of surviving funeral directing family businesses. We offer funeral homes across East Dorset and West Hampshire.

As you would expect from a business with over 100 years of service and experience, we have a range of in-house and partnered services that includes anything and everything to do with arranging and managing a funeral.

At Tapper Funeral Service, we can accommodate both traditional and contemporary funeral arrangements that honour the past and reflect the beliefs and attitudes of modern times.

We pride ourselves in offering the very best facilities to complement the high standard of our funeral homes and staff. Our team of funeral directors are the best in their field, some with decades of experience, and above all, their aim is to help families through the difficult time of bereavement.

Our Mission Statement provides us with the aims and principles that we seek to achieve include:

  • To uphold the traditional values that may be expected of a family business 
  • To listen to our client families, to interpret and implement their wishes 
  • To be honest, diligent, prompt and efficient
  • To always maintain the dignity of the deceased
  • To take responsibility for an error, complaint or problem as it is, to deal with it immediately, objectively and at Director level 
  • To ensure our charges are reasonable and reflect the services provided
  • To employ a team with the highest personal standards who demonstrate empathy, kindness and professionalism  
  • To ensure our facilities offer the highest standards, embracing the latest technology
  • To ensure employees are given a comfortable workplace and are rewarded well for their work. To respect their opinions, provide ongoing training and to encourage their further qualification.
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