Video: Coffin Tributes

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In Memoriam Flowers

Wish to send flowers on
the anniversary of a
death, every Christmas
or every Sunday?
We can help.


Other Occasions

We can create stylish,
contemporary and
traditional floral
arrangements for
any occasion.




Welcome to Tapper Funeral Service's Floristry

Expressing your feelings at such a sensitive and emotional time can often be difficult. For centuries people have used flowers to express their sympathy and thoughts.

Tapper Funeral Service is available to arrange floral tributes that can be placed upon and around the coffin and are likely to be the focal point throughout the funeral.

Consideration should be given to the overall size of the tribute(s) in relation to the coffin. If there is to be more than one tribute placed upon the coffin, consideration should also be given to the design of each tribute and the colour scheme, so that they complement each other. It is certainly desirable that the same person (florist) makes all of the tributes that are to be placed upon the coffin itself.

Please bear in mind that requests for floral tributes are subject to availability and can only be made and delivered during normal working hours, unless agreed otherwise.

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