Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Please be aware that most prepaid funeral plans sold by nationwide Companies, often under the unbrella of a charity, ARE NOT accepted at Harbour View - please check with us before you purchase if you want a Harbour View funeral.

At Harbour View it is possible to purchase a plot for your own burial in the future. You pay for it now and we give you a Deed of Grave Rights, which you put to one side, perhaps with your Will.

In addition to this, we offer prepaid funeral plans. These plans are designed in preparation for every aspect of the funeral arrangements that a person wishes to specify. This can be as simple or as detailed as you wish and can always be added to at a later date. The funeral is paid for at today’s prices and an undertaking is given guaranteeing no further expense when the death occurs. Currently around 20% of people in UK plan their funeral in this way.

We use Perfect Choice Funeral Plans which ensures the money and arrangements are entirely safe. The National Association of Funeral Directors sponsors the arrangments and the money is held by Ecclesiastical and underwritten by a Whole of Life Policy, which is safer than a Trust Fund. Complete security is therefore assured.

There are many options for a burial at Harbour View. To find out more about prepaid funeral plans please feel free to call us on 01202 630111 at anytime. Or to know more about the financial security of funeral plans and options available you may like to visit our pre-paid funeral website.

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