Lawn Memorials

Limited to the area at
the head end of the grave,
leaving the remainder of
the grave to grass.

Traditional Memorials

Generally allows for the
whole of the grave space
to be covered by
a memorial.

Cremation Memorials

These vary more than any
other type of memorial, yet
you will need to know your burial 
ground's regulations
before selecting.

Stone Masonry

For centuries people have created memorials to remember their loved ones. A memorial provides a focus for personal memories - a place to visit, lay flowers, and reflect on happy times.

Memorials can be arranged at Tapper Funeral Service’s funeral home through this website, by telephone or at the showroom at 893 Christchurch Road, Pokesdown, Bournemouth, Dorset (known as Living Stones) where there are a large number of examples on display for you to choose from.

Before deciding upon a memorial stone, headstone or even tomb, it is very important to be aware of the regulations that govern the grave; there are restrictions at most burial grounds.

There are many different options for burial and cremation memorials, and they can be adapted to personal requirements, for example, the size or shape.

Tapper Funeral Service recommend looking around the burial ground to see which other people have chosen and which ones have suffered the natural elements well, as any memorial will be affected by the weather and surrounding trees.

Memorial or headstone costs depend on the inscription and fixing of the memorial, as well as the location and fees set by the burial authority.

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