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Prior to 2005 the land that is now Harbour View was a collection of under-utilised fields of poor soil quality and suffering from increasing water-logging; there was no public access and the existing buildings were largely derelict. Now, the 70 acres Harbour View is a woodland burial ground with an exciting and vibrant eco-system of wildlife providing local people with a place of beauty to visit and spend time. The buildings are now a range of spacious and contemporary facilities, some refurbished from the Victorian farm buildings that is its history, some new and designed to draw upon local design and materials and to link our modern society back to our roots and the ancient practices that were before us. The completion of the crematorium in 2017 completed the circle enabling Harbour View to be a unique facility in the UK where everything that is required from funeral arrangements, through the funeral service itself to the after-care of post-funeral bereavement support.

Services and Facilities

Harbour View is a unique funeral service; it is a crematorium, a funeral home and a woodland burial ground with all the options that you would expect to find in such places. As such the range of facilities we offer is considerable. 


Funeral Search (In Memoriam And Donations)

This page is designed to help you with your enquiry about a deceased friend or relative, and to advise of the arrangements for the funeral.


Outlook Bereavement Support

Our service and care continue beyond the funeral where it is needed. We arrange and sponsor Outlook Bereavement Support which provides social, practical and spiritual support to recently bereaved people as they endeavour to find a way forward in their lives.


Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid plans for funerals at Harbour View are unique and personal to the person purchasing the plan. If you are considering a funeral plan and you would like the funeral to be at Harbour View, please talk to us. 


Price List

It is our policy to be fair and transparent with our fees. The following pages will provide full details of our price list along with helpful illustrations of how typical funerals will be charged.


Unattended Cremations

If you are considering an unattended cremation, look no further than Harbour View Crematorium. With full onsite funeral home facilities, including Chapels of Rest, everything that is needed is immediately available for a prompt and efficient service at a reasonable price.