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Health Crisis Advice

October 2020


The guidance from government and how we interpret it evolves constantly and therefore this page is regularly updated. The following is a brief and simple review of where we currently stand:-


Funerals have not suffered a significant impact compared to other factors in our lives and therefore any person should feel confident that a proper and meaningful funeral service can be arranged.

All our locations/offices remain open and very few of the services we provide have been stopped altogether.

The well-known key issues relating to the virus are much the same for us, i.e. any person who knows she or he is infected should stay at home and not attend a funeral or our premises for any other reason.


Face Masks

From 8th August 2020 (Saturday) face masks must be worn while indoors in any public area. This means that face masks must be worn to all funeral services and when visiting any of our offices. Face masks must also be worn during catering events and may only be removed whilst an individual is eating.


Visiting our Chapels of Rest

Visiting our chapels of rest to see the person that has died prior to the day of the funeral continues as normal as does dressing the deceased in their own clothes and any treatment that is deemed necessary. This remains the case even if the deceased is suspected to have been infected with COVID-19 although restrictions will apply.


Number of Mourners Attending a Funeral

The number of people attending a funeral should be kept to a low number. The advised maximum is 30 mourners and this depends upon the location. This can be increased in some circumstances, subject to risk-assessment and agreed management and may involve the use of a second ceremony hall into which the AV is relayed.

It is essential we are advised of the anticipated number of mourners in advance of confirming funeral arrangements. Some funeral locations have lower maximum numbers and our own Ceremony Halls are of differing sizes with their own limits.

We provide live AV relay of funeral services via the internet for funerals taking place in The Barn and the Long Barrow at Harbour View. This must be arranged well in advance.


Content of a Funeral Service

There is no restriction on who should lead a funeral service or who should assist in taking part of a funeral service. Government guidance is to avoid singing hymns. At Harbour View we have a full library of music including hymns sung by professional choirs and therefore our recommendation, in keeping with the spirit of government guidance, is that when hymns are desirable, the words are printed in an Order of Service and that mourners remain seated, reading them quietly to themselves while listening to the choir.


Coffin Bearers and Funeral Vehicles

Coffin bearers: Our own professional bearers continue to shoulder-carry the coffin. Voluntary bearers may assist/carry the coffin at Harbour View but some other locations have restrictions.

Funeral vehicles: there are no restrictions on the use of funeral limousines for the transport of mourners.


Refreshments / Wakes

This can be arranged as a sit down event as opposed to a buffet. At Harbour View, tables will be positioned at which those attending can sit and keep a safe distance within their respective bubbles. Food and drink will be served to the person at their table and guests are encouraged to remain in their seats for the duration. Face masks must be worn whilst the refreshments are taking place unless you are eating.

At Harbour View we provide an area for family and friends to congregate prior to the funeral and where hot and cold drinks are freely available.


Facilities at Harbour View

Our floristry is open and fully functional.

Our memorial masonry is open and fully functional.

Arrangements for scattering and /or burial of cremated remains continue.


Social Distancing and General Advice

We will endeavour to provide 2 meters of space however with the additional safeguards we have in place there will be occasions when this is limited to 1 meter. We ask those attending funeral services to sit in groups as per acceptable ‘bubbles’/’household groups’ but it is not for us to establish proof of this or to enforce the ruling.

We provide sanitising handwash. Please wash your hands by using this when attending our premises, in particular when attending a funeral service.

Please visit our offices when necessary and consider whether it is possible to deal with your enquiry without physically attending, e.g. in memoriam donations can be made online as can ordering floral tributes.


Test and Trace

Please sign into all premises using the QR codes provided via the NHS COVID-19 app. This applies when visiting our offices and Harbour View. If you do not already have the NHS COVID-19 app on your mobile device, you can find it here:

NHS COVID-19 app

If you do not have a device that is capable of scanning a QR code you will be asked to complete a paper slip that will ask for your name and telephone number. In the interest of preventing cross contamination complete slips using your own pen.  

Services and Facilities

Harbour View is a unique funeral service; it is a crematorium, a funeral home and a woodland burial ground with all the options that you would expect to find in such places. As such the range of facilities we offer is considerable. 


Funeral Search (In Memoriam And Donations)

This page is designed to help you with your enquiry about a deceased friend or relative, and to advise of the arrangements for the funeral.


Outlook Bereavement Support

Our service and care continue beyond the funeral where it is needed. We arrange and sponsor Outlook Bereavement Support which provides social, practical and spiritual support to recently bereaved people as they endeavour to find a way forward in their lives.


Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid plans for funerals at Harbour View are unique and personal to the person purchasing the plan. If you are considering a funeral plan and you would like the funeral to be at Harbour View, it is very important that you purchase the plan with us. 


Price List

It is our policy to be fair and transparent with our fees. The following pages will provide full details of our price list along with helpful illustrations of how typical funerals will be charged.