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Floral tributes are a common feature at funerals, but it is not only in the immediate aftermath of the death of a loved one when you may wish to give flowers as a token of your support.

At Tapper Funeral Service we offer the option to arrange for flowers to be sent to the deceased's grave or to a family member on, for example, the anniversary of a death, every Christmas or every Sunday. Our friendly team can diarise important dates on your behalf and would be pleased to make all the necessary arrangements.

Floral tributes - Tapper Funeral Service

Floral tributes - In Memorium - Tapper Funeral Service
Alternatively we can arrange for bulbs to be planted on a grave. If this service is of interest please contact us for more details.
Our in-house floristy services are available to Tapper Funeral Service customers at a special discounted rate of 15%. We offer this discount as a token of our appreciation for your custom. It is an offer than is available all year round, and which can be redeemed an unlimited number of times.