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Memorial Services

July 2020

The health crisis due to the Coronavirus has presented many challenges to what we expect in everyday aspects of our lives and so it is with funerals.

Funeral Services have continued throughout the crisis and for many bereaved families this has been achieved in a rewarding and satisfactory manner.

Two of the biggest changes to arranging funerals have been the number of people that may attend the service and the provision of refreshments afterwards. Currently, both of these factors remain restricted and continue to limit options to some bereaved families below their requirements.

We are looking to the future and offering options to plan a Memorial Service in such circumstances where the bereaved family would like the opportunity to invite a larger group of friends and family and to continue the remembrance by circulating afterwards over refreshments. We anticipate the ability to hold such events will become easier as the year progresses, and we are already booking dates subject of course to government restrictions at that time.

In many ways, a Memorial Service is the same as a Funeral Service and for this reason we suggest you browse the pages of our web site to see the options available in our Ceremony Halls at Harbour View and at Christchurch.

In addition, we have published a brochure discussing Memorial Services. A printed copy can be sent to you upon request or you can click this link to download a PDF copy of the brochure.

View Memorial Information

Please feel free to contact us to discuss options for a Memorial Service. Call 01202 630111 and ask for Kristie Scott or email on .

Services and Facilities

Harbour View is a unique funeral service; it is a crematorium, a funeral home and a woodland burial ground with all the options that you would expect to find in such places. As such the range of facilities we offer is considerable. 


Funeral Search (In Memoriam And Donations)

This page is designed to help you with your enquiry about a deceased friend or relative, and to advise of the arrangements for the funeral.


Outlook Bereavement Support

Our service and care continue beyond the funeral where it is needed. We arrange and sponsor Outlook Bereavement Support which provides social, practical and spiritual support to recently bereaved people as they endeavour to find a way forward in their lives.


Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid plans for funerals at Harbour View are unique and personal to the person purchasing the plan. If you are considering a funeral plan and you would like the funeral to be at Harbour View, it is very important that you purchase the plan with us. 


Price List

It is our policy to be fair and transparent with our fees. The following pages will provide full details of our price list along with helpful illustrations of how typical funerals will be charged.