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Prepaid plans for funerals at Harbour View are unique and personal to the person purchasing the plan. If you are considering a funeral plan and you would like the funeral to be at Harbour View, it is very important that you purchase the plan with us. There is a large market in prepaid funeral plans with many large companies and charities selling plans on a national platform; most of these ‘national’ plans cannot be used at Harbour View, even though some may suggest that you can. If you already have a funeral plan from elsewhere and you would like a funeral at Harbour View, you should contact us as soon as possible – it is often possible to move an existing funeral plan and we will try to help as much as we can but it is always better to make such enquiries sooner rather than later.

Choice of funeral plans

Illustrated here are a number of fully underwritten plans that include everything required for the funeral that is described; the content of the plan can be added to at the time of the funeral should your family wish.


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FAQs and What You Need to Know

These pages will tell you more about prepaid funeral plans generally, the differences in the market place and most importantly, security of your money.