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Prices (January 2021)

Funerals at Harbour View can be very different from the traditional format, and can be less expensive as a consequence. For example, if you do not want a hearse and coffin bearers you do not need to have them, as the deceased, in his/her coffin, can be placed in the Ceremony Hall long before any mourners arrive, removing the need for a traditional cortege (unless you prefer to have one).

Furthermore, our charge for cremation, burial and the use of our Ceremony Halls allows for a minimum separation of 90 minutes between other funeral services, making our charge relatively inexpensive compared to other local facilities where the standard of 30 minutes service time allotment applies. 

Our aim on this page is to provide an idea of how much a funeral will cost by showing examples of typical funerals.

We always provide our clients with a fully itemised quotation prior to the funeral taking place. Our price list is available in advance, and can be sent by email upon request during office hours.

It is our policy to take a deposit towards the cost; this must be received by us in cleared funds well before the funeral takes place.

If you click on the 'PACKAGES' button you will find further information about our fees.