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We refer to Harbour View as a woodland burial ground, but this is a term without an exact definition and perhaps requires some further description. In essence, a woodland burial is no different from any other burial in that a person who has died, whether it be their body or their cremated remains, is interred into the ground.

The difference in simple terms is that a woodland burial ground places a greater emphasis upon the natural surroundings and overall ambience of the grounds. Therefore at Harbour View, you will find an ancient woodland which is being encouraged to expand into new areas along with meadows, all of which encourages wildlife and wild flowers to return to areas that were once home.

While families have many ways in which they can commemorate the person who has died, in particular with the use of small memorial stones and memorial trees, you will not see rows upon rows of high standing headstones, polished granites or kerbsets that become unstable over the years.

We believe woodland burial makes a positive contribution to the environment. It means being part of preserving our precious wildlife and natural heritage for generations to come, while giving those who are left behind a pleasant place to visit for reflection.

A woodland burial can be arranged directly with Harbour View or through any office of Tapper Funeral Service. There are very few rules about the funeral itself. It may be religious or secular, and any idea will be considered to personalise the service.

Harbour View is divided into areas (sections) that have their own distinctive characteristics. This provides families with the advantage of being able to select a plot, which is an important process and personal to the family concerned. Perhaps you would like a grave that is in the woodland or rather prefer to be in the open, looking out towards the harbour and Purbeck Hills. We encourage you to visit us personally to make this selection but the information below will hopefully assist.

Purbeck View

The central areas and higher ground of Harbour View enjoy panoramic views across the back waters of Poole Harbour, Corfe Castle and the Purbeck Hills. From the top of the hill nearest to Harbour Lodge the view extends for many miles – on a clear day, it is breath-taking.


Woodland Areas

There are a number of sections at Harbour View where open woodland is being established. Planting in these sections began when Harbour View first opened and is ongoing. Every year consideration is given to new planting whether this is to replace trees that are of poor quality or to extend the woodland into new areas.


Graves for cremated remains

In very simple terms, a grave for cremated remains is a smaller version of any other grave and is used in exactly the same way. Cremated remains, usually contained within a casket or urn, are buried approximately 2-3 feet below the surface and the grass is then replaced.


FAQs and what you need to know

Matters relating to burial such as purchasing a grave, use of memorials, ongoing maintenance of the burial ground are explained in detail here