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Woodland Areas

There are a number of sections at Harbour View where open woodland is being established. Planting in these sections began when Harbour View first opened and is ongoing. Every year consideration is given to new planting whether this is to replace trees that are of poor quality or to extend the woodland into new areas. Most of the new woodland is an extension to the ancient woodland that can be found around Harbour View.

A variety of evergreen and deciduous trees will be found and while Oak, Chestnut and Beech form a considerable part of the woodland, clusters of less well known trees will also be found. Consideration has been given to the colours of the flowers and foliage through the seasons and spring and autumn in particular offer a beautiful scene. The highlight of spring being an area of Magnolia trees in pink and white blossom, which complements the clusters of spring bulbs, in particular Daffodils.

Small clusters of Yew resonate with the ancient association this tree has with the burial of the dead.

Within the Woodland sections is the Orchard, which is a small and quite formal area of fruit trees situated centrally within the grounds. The Orchard overlooks the pond which is another burial section in itself offering a delightful setting with two magnificent old Oak trees as a back-drop. In summer months the pond is a haven of wildlife being visited by ducks and wading birds, many of which have nested in recent years. The pond lilies are quite a picture when in flower. The central and lower sections of Harbour View are linked with a woodland 

path through along the Bluebell Walk, which as its name suggests comes into its own in late spring with a carpet of Bluebells and similar woodland flowers.

The grass in the woodland areas is allowed to grow unchecked through spring and early summer providing areas of meadow and some interesting wild flowers; butterflies, dragonflies and other insects are prolific at such times and in turn encourage some very interesting birds to the areas. You may notice bird boxes and bat boxes hidden among the tress along with the more obvious bird feeding tables. Footpaths are cut into the meadow and burial plots are available in open glades, which are mown regularly throughout the year.

Plots are available for burial and for cremated remains and most are charged at the Woodland rate.