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Long Barrow Ceremony Hall

The Long Barrow is the principal location at Harbour View. Opened in 2017 it brings a completely new dimension to funeral service. Designed to echo the buildings that were used by our ancestors in ancient times, the building blends into the environment in much the same way as a long barrow or tumulus does, with grassed side walls and a Sedum roof. Inside the design is both rustic and vernacular with use of Purbeck Stone, wood and wall art to create a spiritual atmosphere.

The ceremony hall can accommodate large congregations but also retains intimacy for smaller gatherings. Although designed with nature in mind the chapel is not short on technology and can support any musical or audio-visual requirement. This also allows us to relay funeral services to other buildings within Harbour View when a very large congregation is expected. The luxury of space enables those that wish to employ acoustic music whether that be a piano, string quartet or small choir.