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For centuries people have used flowers to express their emotion at their own loss and their sympathy to others. We have our own Floristry, with florists that specialise in the specific art of funeral floral arrangements. On behalf of the closest family members we will arrange floral tributes that can be placed upon and around the coffin and are likely to be the focal point throughout the funeral; on behalf of other family members and friends of the deceased, we can arrange smaller floral tributes.

Those wishing to order flowers via ourselves are invited to view the sample pictures here in our Galleries.

Please then contact our Harbour View Lytchett Minster Florist directly on 01202 022818 to order.


Harbour View Crematorium and Woodland Burial Ground Floristry:

Randalls Hill, Lytchett Minster BH16 6AN

Tel: 01202 022818


Increasingly we consider re-cycling and environmental matters. While our floral arrangements are always made individually we are looking at ways to reduce the waste in the plastic foundations of some sprays and therefore re-cycle when we can; we also look to select greenery and similar non-bloom produce (ornamental twigs etc) from local sources not least our own grounds.

Casket Tributes

When choosing floral tributes to decorate a coffin it is important to consider the whole picture: will this be the only tribute dressing the coffin? If not, is the design of it complementary to the other flowers? Will the size of the tribute in relation to the top of the coffin be as I would like? Is there anything else dressing the coffin that I need to take into account?


Sprays and Sheaves

Smaller sprays, sheaves and tied bunches are all suitable arrangements and can be created at a sensible size to recognise an expressed budget.


Hearts, Cushions and Special Tributes

Heart shaped tributes, cushions and special tributes are a more personal choice. This section includes floral lettering and tributes relating to hobbies and interests.


Wreaths, Posies and Baskets

Wreaths, posies and basket arrangements.