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Harbour View is a fully equipped funeral home as well as a crematorium and burial ground; every facility and service you would expect to find at a modern funeral home is available to you here on site. We have car parking and private offices where we meet with families to discuss their wishes.

By using our in-house funeral home facilities you do not need to employ another funeral director. One of many advantages to this is you will not double-up on what you need or pay for services that you don’t require. For instance, if you do not want a hearse for a funeral cortege we will not make you pay for one.

Coffins and Caskets

To some people the selection of a coffin is a largely functional decision based upon the overall presentation of the coffin with floral tributes and its cost. To other people the coffin is an integral part of the funeral service and is representative of the deceased and his/her life.


Funeral Celebrant

The appointment of a person that will lead the funeral service is of paramount importance for it is the planning of the service and ultimately what is said during it that will hopefully form a meaningful and enduring positive memory of the funeral.




We are often asked to provide printed literature for a funeral; most often in the form of an Order of Service, which details the parts of the funeral service and those taking part. If hymns are to be sung, the words are also printed.



For within the grounds of Harbour View we have our own bespoke vehicles for taking people around the grounds when the weather dictates or perhaps when walking a distance is a challenge. We have similar vehicles for transporting the deceased and floral tributes to and from chapels and ceremony halls.