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To some people the selection of a coffin is a largely functional decision based upon the overall presentation of the coffin with floral tributes and its cost. To other people the coffin is an integral part of the funeral service and is representative of the deceased and his/her life. For instance, if the deceased was a carpenter or enthusiast for timber furniture, why not consider a real wood coffin; conversely if the deceased was not one to follow convention, why not consider a cardboard coffin. Modern innovations with coffin design including wicker, cardboard and screen printing provide a broader range of choice.

We have divided the coffins and caskets into three sub-groups for ease of navigation.

When selecting the coffin, always picture how it will look during the funeral service once dressed with the floral tributes you are arranging and/or other adornments if applicable such as flag, hat, picture etc.

Traditional wooden coffins

Compared to its continental or American counterparts, the traditional British Coffin is of a modest design; it is shaped to follow the contours of the body and with a flat top, it is designed anticipating that mourners will place flowers upon it and thus decorate it.


Contemporary and non wooden coffins

Here you will find coffins constructed of wicker, bamboo and cardboard. You will also find coffins of wooden construction that are screen printed with a picture selected to reflect the deceased person’s life.


Caskets for cremated remains (ashes)

When selecting a casket or urn for cremated remains it is important to consider what is to happen to them in the fullness of time and whether this container is suitable for this purpose. E.g. a sealed Oak casket may look very nice but is very difficult to scatter from.