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Memorial Benches

Memorial benches are situated in a variety of positions around Harbour View. They are typically placed along pathways and hedgerows rather than in open grassland.

All memorial benches within the grounds of Harbour View are free for any visitors to sit upon even when adorned with memorial plaques; there is no exclusivity of use to the families of the deceased commemorated.

Memorial plaques are available in Brass and are fixed to the selected bench. There is a one-off fee of £55 plus VAT (£66) for the Brass plaque that is engraved with the deceased’s name and some words of commemoration of the family’s choosing and then, in addition, a monthly direct debit. Monthly fees range from £6 to £8 per month, depending on the location of the bench. You will always be told in advance what the monthly cost will be so that you can make your choice - in order to do this, we encourage people to take a walk around the grounds themselves and then make an appointment with the office for pricing.