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In 2021 we opened a new Ceremony Hall at our New Milton Funeral Home, providing a convenient location for those not wanting to travel to a crematorium for a funeral service.

The Ceremony Hall is located on Old Milton Road, close to New Milton Recreation Ground. It is set in a secluded courtyard and can be used prior to burial as well as cremation. The Ceremony Hall will seat over 45 people with a small amount of standing area in addition. The air-conditioned Ceremony Hall features a large screen for audio-visual displays, and comfortable waiting areas. There is no on-site parking but plenty of room in the public car park situated very close to the Funeral Home. We can also offer guests on-site catering meaning that people only need to travel to one venue. After the funeral service has taken place, we take the deceased to our crematorium at Harbour View, near to Lytchett Minster where s/he is quietly and respectfully cremated but without further ceremony or attendance.

The rooms are designed to encourage a relaxed atmosphere with soft colours and plenty of light, and in keeping with this the principal mourners are encouraged to arrive ahead of their guests to spend some private time with their loved one and we make a comfortable sitting-room available for them to receive their guests as they arrive for the service, with tea and coffee available for the closest family members.

Because funerals at The New Milton Ceremony Hall are not dependent on third party crematoria or cemeteries, funeral times can be arranged to suit mourners rather than fitted to available time-slots and are not subject to the strict time limits necessary at the other locations. Funerals can be arranged to take place on Saturdays or during early evenings, making them more convenient.

Because some of the traditional requirements of a funeral, namely the hearse and coffin bearers etc, are not required (unless of course they are requested), significant financial savings can be made without demeaning the funeral in any way.

Feel free to call in to inspect this new and modern facility.