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Data Protection Policy


Tapper & Son (Poole) Ltd, trading as Tapper Funeral Service (and several variations of this name) and as Harbour View, (the Company) is a limited Company registered in England as number 819647 at 32-34 Parkstone Road, Poole, Dorset BH15 2PG.


This is the Company’s Data Protection Policy which is in pursuance of the General Data Protection Regulation under EU law from 25th May 2018. The Policy can be found on the Company’s web site and copy of it may be printed from there.


The Company has many trading locations however any correspondence in relation to this matter should only be directed by post only to the registered office above. The Company's representative dealing with any enquiries in respect of this policy is Steven Tapper. Due to the low scale level of data processing, the Directors of the Company do not believe it is necessary to employ a qualified Data Protection Officer. Any enquiry must include the enquirer’s email address and telephone number should a response be requested. No other liaison will be entered into or accepted as being on behalf of the Company.


In the proper conduct of its business the Company collects data and this is held both electronically and on paper. The Company’s computer systems, including its back-up facilities, are deemed to be very secure and are maintained by a specialist contractor. Paper records are retained in appropriate cabinets in locked offices.


In the unlikely event of a breach of the Company’s security for the data that is likely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, the Company will notify the appropriate authorities and individuals without undue delay.


The Company does not share, sell, lend (or similar) the data it gathers with any third-party other than when it is required to do so by law or when it is necessary to do so in pursuance of its client’s instructions. E.g. It is necessary to provide a crematorium or a minister celebrant with data about a deceased person and his/her family in the arrangement of a funeral. In such circumstances data is being provided with the direct or implied instruction of the Company’s client.


The Company deems data collected by it in the proper pursuance of its work to be its own intellectual property and as such will retain the data without limit in time. The Company has many responsibilities in law that require retention of data, sometimes indefinitely, e.g. Obligations to keep a Burial Register and a Register of Cremations.


The Company acknowledges its responsibility to keep this data securely and not to make it available to third-parties (notwithstanding the above).


The Company will not use the data gathered to make unnecessary contact with its own clients. It is usually the case that soon after a funeral has concluded the contact between client and Company draws towards a close. There often remains proper need to continue contact with the client for instance (but not limited to) accounting for in-memorial donations, liaison in respect of cremated remains, advice in respect of post-funeral bereavement support, memorials etc.


The Company will not use the data to contact clients (or other third-parties) with marketing, unrelated matters, attempts to sell products that are not associated to the original Contract.