Funeral Details

John passed away at home on 15th March 2022, aged 72 years. Family flowers only please but, if desired, donations to the British Heart Foundation may be made online using the link on this page.
Funeral details
Funeral Service
Date/Time 02-Apr-22 2:30 PM
Location Long Barrow Ceremony Hall
Address Harbour View Crematorium, Funeral Home and Woodland Burial Ground Randalls Hill
Postcode BH16 6AN
Website LINK

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Book of Remembrance

"Rest in peace John, words can't describe how much we are all going to miss you, you have left a big hole in everyone's hearts and we are all privileged to have known you. I will miss all the smiles and funny comments and hugs you gave everyone at gaming conventions. May you rest in peace. Until we all meet you again. Keep rolling those d20s up there. Goodnight and god bless. Xxxxx"

Andrea Mussell - 2nd April 22

"I met John when i was just a teenager at Ottons, firstly as a work colleague then secondly as a friend. He persuaded me into coming to D & D and thankfully John also managed to persuade my Mum and Dad that i would be safe and brought back home by a set time. And he always made sure I was, even if I didn't want to go home. You really were the most laid back, kind sole i have ever met and I like so many others will miss you. R.I.P. John XX"

Mandy Elliott - 2nd April 22

"My heartfelt condolences to Johns family. John we will all miss you and see you again, save me a spot at your table and have plenty of dice to roll "

Carlos Staffiero - 2nd April 22

"f it hadn't been for John being so friendly and welcoming when I first met him at Conception and then again when I came along to Have Dice for the first time, I would never have returned to a hobby I love or met some of the friends I know now. John's right at the centre of some the happiest memories I have - at conventions he put so much time into helping organise. He'll be missed by so many of us gamers who owe him so much."

Andy Coles - 2nd April 22

" My earliest memories of my uncle John are going to Shell Bay on the Sandbanks ferry (to be fair the memory is of his car breaking down) and a trip to a beach in a motorcycle sidecar and swimming in my underwear! Then of course there are the games. I lived in the same house as my uncle John until I was 8. There were my grandparents,  uncle John,  uncle Peter, my mum (Janet) and me. Children's TV was restricted to an hour in the morning and a couple of hours after school. So there was plenty of time to play games. My grandad served in Burma during the war and brought a Mah Jong set home with him. Friday nights after dinner the Mah Jong set came out and we sat down for a competitive game. It was a penny a point, so I had the chance to win some extra pocket money! Quite often one of John's friends would come to dinner and stay to play. My memories include Chalky and Ray. There was much concentration and much laughter as well. I was always pestering everyone to play a game with me. The fall back position was Grandma popping the dice in frustration and me moving her pieces whilst she made dinner. John wouldn't play anything so unstrategic, so I had to learn to play monopoly by the rules with no concessions for my age. I was never allowed to owe any money until I passed Go. There was also a game called Buccaneer to do with pirates and treasure and Skirrid which involved fitting shaped pieces together. The years after he married Carole we used to travel over to Gussage All Saints club to play bingo on a Sunday night (?) Such a convivial time. And who could forget the classic garden get togethers in Wimborne st Giles often around the time of John's birthday in July. Waterslides, all of Matt and Rebeccas cousins, family coming and going, BBQs, music and dancing and much laughter and conversation. I'm not sure quite who can carry the baton of terrible dad jokes that was John's forte (any takers Matt?). My uncle Peter has an equally poor joke telling ability. I think they inherited / learnt it from my grandad whose favourite reply to "What time is it?" was "2 hairs past a freckle". What was John's classic line?"

Eve Nicolls - 1st April 22

"I was saddened to hear the news of the passing of John Amos. John was a giant in the UK role playing community and was always eager to lend a hand at conventions across the UK. I remember meeting him at my first Conception (2000?) and recall him being either constantly at the front desk or off running a game. He just never stopped. I will forever be grateful for his support when I was the RPG Area Manager at Gen Con UK 2004. I send my condolences to his family. Dave"

Dave McAlister - 27th March 22

"My heart is broke at the news that "Unca" John, a gaming friend that I'd known for almost 40 years, had passed away. He could always talk me into doing gaming stuff and we looked out for each other over the years. There is an empty chair, at the table this day. A hallowed place where, a friend once played. The roll of his dice, my ears long to hear. Or perhaps it would suffice, if he should suddenly appear. With character sheet in hand, and a bag of Cheeze-doodles to share. All his friends would stand, as he sat in the empty chair. I hear his voice a-callin’, And it ties my heart in a knot. For he cries, “Though a comrade has fallen, You must play for those who cannot.” We conquered worlds on the run, he and I in the name of fun. And as others may come and go, I make both friend and foe. But what I long for most, is our past now long a ghost. Rest well, my dear friend, I'm sure we will be gaming together sometime in the future. Jan and I send our deepest condolences out to the family."

Steve "Taz" Cansdale - 21st March 22

"Everyone at Tapper Funeral Service offer their condolences to the family and friends of Mr John Amos"

Tapper Funeral Service - 15th March 22
John passed away at home on 15th March 2022, aged 72 years. Family flowers only please but, if desired, donations to the British Heart Foundation may be made online using the link on this page.

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