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When a person dies there are many protocols to follow including death certification and registration of death. This is rarely complicated or difficult but can follow one of many different routes. We suggest you speak with one of our funeral directors who will explain this to you in as much detail as you need and provide you with the necessary contacts.

The Death Is Abroad

Death abroad is not at all uncommon and can usually be dealt with very simply.

Quite often, a holiday insurance will cover the cost of repatriation.

While not necessarily complicated, the number of different potential scenarios and different countries are so large, the procedures are too numerous to deal with here.


Can We Donate The Body To Medical Research?

Donating a body for medical research is completely different to organ donation.

The Anatomy Act of 1832 first made it possible to leave a body to medical science; prior to this only executed prisoner could be used for such purposes and this gave rise to the appalling antics of grave robbers, such as the infamous Burke and Hare.

Little can be done in advance of death other than demonstrating interest but this is not binding upon Executors.


What is an Autopsy / Coroner?

An autopsy is usually performed on the instructions of the Coroner to establish the cause of death. Occasionally an autopsy may be performed by agreement between the hospital and deceased's family for research purposes. A Coroner's autopsy will be arranged and paid for by the Coroner. The autopsy is performed by a pathologist who is a medical doctor specializing in this field; he or she will operate on the deceased, usually opening the cavities to examine organs and sometimes take tissues for analysis.


What is Embalming?

Embalming is for preservation and presentation.

Modern embalming involves using the body's own circulatory system to take preserving chemicals around the tissues. In its place, blood is often drawn out. The chemicals are usually from a Formaldehyde origin.


All you Need to Know About Cremation

Helpful information regarding cremation.



Some people believe that it’s a bit tasteless to talk about money and costs when it comes to such a sensitive subject as death and bereavement.

They may also be reluctant to ask about costs, which can lead to uneasiness, disappointment and even worry at what is already a very stressful time.