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Embalming is for preservation and presentation.

Modern embalming involves using the body's own circulatory system to take preserving chemicals around the tissues. In its place, blood is often drawn out. The chemicals are usually from a Formaldehyde origin.

By injecting the chemicals as a fluid the natural process of decomposition is slowed down but not stopped. It encourages a natural complexion to return to the skin rather than being left pale or conversely discoloured by blood clotting.

Our policy is to embalm sparingly on the occasions when our qualified embalmers feel there is a need or benefit; they do not embalm just for the sake of it. Sometimes it is extremely important for general hygiene that the deceased is embalmed promptly.

Please feel free to ask if you would like to know more about embalming; you may even like to speak to one of the embalmers.