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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement provides us with the aims and principles that we seek to achieve and include:

  • To uphold the traditional values that may be expected of a family business 
  • To listen to our client families, to interpret and implement their wishes 
  • To be honest, diligent, prompt and efficient
  • To always maintain the dignity of the deceased
  • To take responsibility for an error, complaint or problem as it is, to deal with it immediately, objectively and at Director level 
  • To ensure our charges are reasonable and reflect the services provided
  • To employ a team with the highest personal standards who demonstrate empathy, kindness and professionalism  
  • To ensure our facilities offer the highest standards, embracing the latest technology
  • To ensure employees are given a comfortable workplace and are rewarded well for their work. To respect their opinions, provide ongoing training and to encourage their further qualification.