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On the day of the funeral

Having made all the necessary arrangements, there should not be too much for you to think or worry about on the day of the funeral itself, although close relatives can feel a little anxious as the time approaches.
The funeral director will guide you on what to do as the funeral unfolds. There is no set protocol for seating arrangements but priority is usually given to the principal mourners. We can ensure that mourners are guided appropriately.

If young children are attending a funeral, consider having a favourite toy close to hand in case they become restless. Slightly older children may also like to be involved in the service, by reading a short poem or expressing their own words about the decreased.

After the service, the funeral director will suggest that the principal mourners greet people and thank them for attending the service. This is not essential but is generally welcomed by people who have taken the trouble to attend the service. Before leaving the funeral, the mourners will be invited to see any flowers that have been sent.

There is no set dress code for a funeral, but Tapper Funeral Service suggest that mourners should dress appropriately to express their feelings on the day. This may well be a black suit but conversely it could be a sports shirt if the circumstances dictate.

Should the weather be inclement, we do have umbrellas in the funeral limousines.