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Where is God in all of this?

Perhaps the death creates doubts in your mind – why would God do this to me? Of course these thoughts are counter intuitive: if your faith has been built on logical consideration while witnessing all that goes on in the world you can’t really change this just when the chips are down on your side. Either God exists and the universe is unfolding under his command or he doesn’t – our personal ups and downs do not really change this.

In my experience most people have at least some belief in what we might call religion or spirituality although they may not really focus on it or be able to define exactly what it means. People may struggle aligning themselves with the full story of any one religious denomination, but this does not mean the same person is an atheist (one who denies the existence of any greater being beyond our Human understanding).

Many people are apprehensive approaching a church for the first time and this is no doubt only magnified following bereavement. However, church ministers are generally friendly and welcoming people who would consider it part of their pastoral role to welcome newcomers into their church. If you are unsure, as a local funeral director, we would be delighted to make the contact for you. We could tell you a little bit about the churches that are close to you and help you make your decision.

Don’t allow your faith to bully you: it is your faith and you are entitled to perceive it anyway you want to and to change it as and when you want to. You are entitled to doubts and to question the teachings of your religion (the Bible even gives us ‘doubting’ Thomas as a supporter!) Even if your faith is strong you cannot expect this to fill the gaps in your life that bereavement causes. Remember Jesus wept at the death of his friend Lazarus; Corinthians teaches us that we may have faith that can move mountains but if we have not love, we are nothing. From which a reasonable inference is that faith cannot possibly compensate for love that is at least changed if not missing.