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It is probably not helpful to consider the time-frame or length of a bereavement as it would inevitably rely upon a complete recovery from the loss and a definition of what recovery means. This would seem a strange thing to do as the death of someone close is permanent and although we will probably find a way forward as time goes by, there will always be a gap where the dead person once was; there will always be reminders of who they were.

What is Bereavement and Grief?

Bereavement is the loss of someone who had played a role in your life and grief is the emotion you feel in such a situation.


See through the mist of Bereavement

One Sunday morning after church, my wife and I decided to visit Hengistbury Head near Christchurch. For those of you familiar with Hengistbury Head you will know just how beautiful it is with amazing views to the Isle of Wight, Christchurch Priory, Mudeford Quay and views all along the coast taking in Bournemouth and Old Harry Rock.


Loneliness and Despair

These two devils go hand-in-hand and are unlikely to be too far away during bereavement. And, the closer the person who died was to you, the more you will need to be on your guard.


Relationship or Bond with the Deceased

Continuing a relationship with the deceased can take many forms. What is visiting a grave if it isn’t continuing a relationship? The tending of the grave in particular demonstrates a need to look after, to care for, the person who has died. After all, what else can we do? Such behaviour in a burial ground is considered perfectly normal by society even years after the death.