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While you need to be careful of the mixed emotions that can play tricks on even the soundest of minds, there is not any ‘correct’ or ‘proper’ length of time (or formal mourning) that should pass after losing a partner.

My New Life - How Do I Start?

This page will be most relevant if you are the spouse or partner of the person who has died but this is not to underestimate the loss that can be felt by other relationships; indeed as discussed on another page, it is the reliance upon each other in a relationship that is a major factor in the feeling of loss. However, typically, it is the spouse or partner who will need to make the greatest adjustments to their lives.


What If I Meet Someone New?

Very few of us were designed to live alone; we yearn for companionship and to share our experiences with others. If you meet someone else and form a mutually rewarding relationship then good luck to you and long may it continue! Be careful of falling into the trap of trying to replace the one who has died but otherwise go for it.