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What If I Meet Someone New?

Very few of us were designed to live alone; we yearn for companionship and to share our experiences with others. If you meet someone else and form a mutually rewarding relationship then good luck to you and long may it continue! Be careful of falling into the trap of trying to replace the one who has died but otherwise go for it.

However, be warned: Not everyone will see it this way. If you have family, they may well be surprised; they may feel threatened. Children in particular are prone to resent the new person in your life. Their loss is of a parent and is completely different to your loss. While they are bereaved, their lives will continue in a manner that is similar to life before the loss of their parent. By definition the role of a parent cannot be replaced and as such the children are forced to draw a line in conclusion. Their loss does not include the 24/7 companionship as is often the case between partners. In part at least, this loss of the companionship of a partner can be helped even if it cannot be replaced.

When these two principles come into conflict, you may need to have a frank but firm conversation with the family around you. After all, it’s your life and you only live it once!