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Charities and Partners

Outlook Bereavement Support is not a charity; its work, administration and activities are underwritten entirely by our company, Tapper Funeral Service, and we estimate the annual budget to be around £75,000. We consider the work Outlook performs to be our way of putting something back into the community that looks after us as a business. It is our ‘thank you’ to our clients.

We are helped in this pursuit by numerous third parties and we would like to acknowledge their kindness on this page and to tell you a little about them. It is through their kindness and support that we are able to continue to extend the work that Outlook does.

  • Harbour View Woodland Burial Ground
  • Perfect Choice Funeral Plans
  • Coles Miller
  • Dickinson Manser

We are always looking for new partners who may be able to offer something to Outlook Bereavement Support, whether that be practical, financial or perhaps new ideas. We are also happy to discuss sponsoring events by way of a memorial to someone who has died; this may be very appropriate as time goes on. Any additional resources we can find for Outlook will be gratefully received and will help to make the lives of local bereaved people just that little bit easier.

Contact Steven Tapper on 01202 673164 if you would like to get involved. 

Many of the events hosted by Outlook have a charity partner associated with them. This association works very well to raise much needed funds for these local establishments. Most of these have associated interests with Outlook and as such we are often able to offer activities to their followers as well as funds to the cause. Details of the charities we work with follow:

  • Friends of Forest Holme
  • Macmillan Caring Locally
  • Oakhaven Hospice
  • Mosaic