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Practical & Financial 

Completely apart from the emotional impact that a death causes there are usually practical considerations as well. In respect of the person who has died, perhaps there is an Estate to administer or assets to realise. For those who survive, the roles and jobs that the deceased used to perform will need to be performed by someone else.

On this page we offer some advice and contacts for bereaved people who need to resolve practical problems created by the loss of their friend or relative.

Where we recommend a service or supplier, we do so with your interests in mind. Every one comes with a preferential arrangement that has been negotiated by us on your behalf. This may be a discount to the cost or an elevated level of service. We only recommend third parties who are known well to us and where we are entirely satisfied a first class service will be provided. We will be completely transparent about all professional relationships with third parties and in particular we do not take commission (or anything similar) from those listed. To take advantage of these preferential deals you will need to advise of your referral from Outlook Bereavement Support.

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