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When purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan through us at Tapper Funeral Service you are able to draw upon expert local knowledge, not just in the areas we represent but in every village, town or city in the country, where we have colleagues who are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors. What is more, every time a pre-paid funeral plan is purchased through Tapper Funeral Service, we pay £65 towards local charitable interests that we feel are in-tune with the interests of our client families. Currently, we are able to sponsor the entire cost of running Outlook Bereavement Support which is an organisation offering regular social, spiritual and practical support for recently bereaved people. Among other things, we are also able to sponsor the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to supply musicians to play to patients suffering from dementia at local nursing homes (the music is not just for entertainment value; it is an acknowledged therapy for dementia sufferers.)

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