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FAQs and What You Need to Know

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Other than the administration charges that are clearly detailed, 100% of the money you pay goes to Ecclesiastical Insurance. Ecclesiastical is a long-established and highly reputable financial services company that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (a government watchdog). The money purchases a Whole of Life insurance policy rendering it entirely safe and able to grow as an amount until the time of the planholder’s death. Only then is the money paid to us to arrange the funeral.

Absolutely not. Unfortunately the industry has grown into one where very large commissions and incentives are paid to sales people/companies with the sole aim of selling funeral plans. We will NOT engage in this practice as the commission can only be paid from one place – the plan money.

The funeral plan can be transferred to an accredited funeral director near your new home. However, there may be additional costs depending on local prices.

Can I purchase a prepaid funeral plan for someone other than me? 

Yes – many people purchase a funeral plan on behalf of a relative or a person that they are responsible for.

Yes. We will need to discuss the length of time and terms thereon.

The plan is guaranteed to cover all costs specified in the purchase agreement but subject to some conditions when third-parties are to be paid. The fees to some third-parties such as crematoria and minister/celebrants are managed by linking them to an industry standard for a minimum payment; other third-parties that are specifically selected (e.g. newspaper announcements or cemetery fees) will be linked to CPI inflation so that the amount provided for that particular service grows over the years. The cost of medical certificates for cremation in particular is unknown prior to death and is likely to change in years to come; it is therefore possible that fees may become payable for medical certificates.

Third party costs are outside of our control and we believe the above is the fairest way to deal with an intangible cost in the future.

Yes – all you need to do is contact us about any changes you wish to make. There may be an additional cost if new features and services are added to the plan. If you choose to cancel the plan up to 14 days from the date of purchase you will receive a full refund. If a plan is cancelled after 14 days, a refund of the original amount paid will be made, excluding any interest and after deducting administration charges.

Your Funeral Plan remains in place but there may be repatriation costs. If you have travel insurance you will be covered for this expense. In extreme circumstances, the Funeral Plan may be cancelled (subject to conditions).

In this extremely unlikely event, the money paid for funeral plans remains completely unaffected and available to be used to pay for a funeral albeit with a different funeral provider. The money remains with Ecclesiastical and cannot be touched by Tapper Funeral Service or any other third-party.