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Prices (July 2023)

Funerals at Harbour View can be very different from the traditional format and can be less expensive as a consequence. For example, if you do not want a hearse and coffin bearers you do not need to have them, as the deceased, in his/her coffin, can be placed in the Ceremony Hall long before any mourners arrive, removing the need for a traditional cortege (unless you prefer to have one).

Furthermore, our charge for cremation, burial and the use of our Ceremony Halls allows for a minimum separation of 90 minutes between other funeral services, making our charge relatively inexpensive compared to other local facilities where the standard of 30 minutes service time allotment often applies. 

We always provide our clients with a fully itemised quotation prior to the funeral taking place.

As of September 2021, CMA (Competition and Markets Authority – a government institution) regulations require us by law to display our full price list along with two specific packages defined by CMA (the Standardised Price List for funeral service and as a crematorium) and other associated information. All of this can be found via three downloadable PDF documents that you will find below, all of which can be printed by you at home at A4 size.

Our full price list is complicated and would preferably be provided by us in conversation with our clients so that details can be explained if and where necessary however it is our obligation under the regulations to display it in full here. Any person needing explanation of the terms found in these documents should feel free to call us for clarification.

One of the more significant considerations relating to our charges is how you would like us to care for the person that has died and for which we provided two costed options. The fourth downloadable PDF document (‘Care of the Deceased’) provides information to assist you in making this decision.


Standard Pricelist (Tapper Funeral Service)

Standard Pricelist (Harbour View Crematorium)

Full Pricelist and Additional Information

Care of the Deceased


The following ‘drop-down boxes’ provide three typical examples of packages of service that our clients often request and may be found to be more ‘user-friendly’ than the CMA required documents above. The simplest and least expensive packages are detailed in a downloadable PDF document that can be accessed via the button ‘Choices – Simple Funerals’ at the bottom of this page, so you may print out at home.

(This is also known as the ‘Crematorium Standard Fee Attended Service’ by CMA description.) NB: this package can be adapted to a funeral with burial however the variation of fees at burial authorities and the likely need of funeral vehicles etc mean that the price quoted above will be different. The following package provides for bereaved families to host a funeral in one of our Ceremony Halls taking full advantage of its setting and without feeling any sense of rushing due to a crematorium ‘conveyor-belt’, while making sensible savings that do not demean the funeral service. The ‘Standard Package’ assumes that we will decide upon the day and time of the funeral.

  • Funeral service held in one of our Ceremony Halls with all supporting rooms and facilities, including the AV equipment. (At Harbour View we may use any one of our Ceremony Halls, at our discretion and for our own convenience, but it is most likely to be Harbour Lodge.)

  • Our in-house Funeral Officiant will work with the deceased’s family to compose a funeral service, suggesting suitable material for reading but will not be responsible for writing the Tribute/Eulogy. Our Funeral Officiant will then preside over the funeral ceremony on the day of the funeral, with the assistance of our usher/AV technician, and will read a family prepared Tribute/Eulogy if requested.

  • All funeral home services necessary for such a funeral including collection and care of the deceased and provision of a simple coffin (most likely oak foil finish with brassed plastic handles and fittings).

  • Cremation at Harbour View including fee to the Medical Referee.

  • We have a minimum of 90 minutes separation between funerals, which permits a far more relaxed funeral service. (This time includes the time to gather as well as the duration of the funeral ceremony. Over running the agreed allotted time may incur an additional charge.)

  • Attendance of up to 30 mourners with limited car parking provision

  • Timing of the funeral will be between Monday and Saturday at a time we propose (likely to be early AM).

  • Simple biodegradable urn (cardboard) for the cremated remains


Some items that are not included:

  • Medical Certificate if required (£82.00)

  • Refreshments options for hosting a wake on site (available at additional cost).

  • Any form of traditional funeral cortege or transport for the mourners (the deceased, in his/her coffin is placed in the ceremony hall prior to any mourners arriving.)

  • Chapel of Rest visiting prior to the day of the funeral or dressing/treatment of the deceased.

  • Any higher level of professional services on our part

  • Flexibility to choose the date and timing of the funeral service

  • AV: the use of the equipment is included in the package however our time spent preparing the provision and/or the charges made by our media provider are not.


The charge for the above ‘Standard Package’ may be reduced to £2420 (all-inclusive of fees) by simplifying our involvement and the professional services (time) required from us.

This is only available when using one of our Ceremony Halls and when preceding cremation at Harbour View Crematorium. It will not be possible to host refreshments on-site afterwards. Details generally follow the Standard Package (as detailed above) other than the family of the deceased will design/compose their own ceremony and will deliver it on the day, without professional assistance. In other ways, details differ as follows:

  • Our client will provide input of information via our web site where requested.

  • The ceremony is likely to commence at 9.30am on a day of our selection (or at any other time if more convenient to our scheduling) and if at Harbour View, in the Ceremony Hall of our choosing (but most likely Harbour Lodge).

  • Access will be provided via Bluetooth connection to speakers for playing music from the client’s own media. No other AV will be available.

  • Our attendant will open the Ceremony Hall 10 minutes prior to the agreedceremony time and assist with connection to wi-fi before leaving the congregation to hold the ceremony. The ceremony will last no more than 30 minutes when upon our attendant will return to close the ceremony hall. The mourners will depart from Harbour View.

  • A maximum of 25 mourners may attend using a maximum of 10 car parking spaces.

  • Our charges will be settled in full at least 2 working days prior to the funeral.


(This is also known as the ‘Crematorium Unattended Service’ by CMA description)

The unattended cremation, sometimes referred to as ‘direct cremation’, is a service provided when there is to be no service at the crematorium or mourners in attendance. In keeping with this all arrangements are at the simplest possible level. The cremated remains will be available afterwards for burial or scattering, subject to the client’s instructions.

This charge may be reduced by £200 (to £1700) if the instructions are made by the client via our web site and the subsequent interactions via email. Our web based instructing portal and more information regarding unattended cremation can be found here:

Unattended Cremation


Items that are included:

  • Collection of the deceased from a local address (during normal working hours) and taking to Harbour View for cremation at the earliest opportunity.

  • The cremation itself including fee payable to the Medical Referee.

  • Provision of a cremation shell (not a traditional coffin).


Some items that are not included:

  • Medical certificates if required (up to £82.00)

  • Chapel of Rest visiting

  • Any professional services on our part

It is not possible to give an accurate date/time of when the cremation will happen (see immediately below.) NB: Clients may select chapel visiting from the Additional Services price list to establish an opportunity ‘to say goodbye’ that can be booked at a specific date/time, immediately before cremation.


The following package provides similarly to the Standard Package but for occasions when the funeral service is being held away from one of our own locations such as a church, crematorium (that is not Harbour View) or cemetery (that is not Harbour View) and as a consequence requires facilities such as a traditional hearse and bearers. This package may also be selected by clients that would like a funeral at one of our locations but with the tradition of a funeral cortege, perhaps leaving from the family home.

  • Funeral service held at a local crematorium, cemetery or similar location with hearse, up to four coffin bearers and supervising funeral director in attendance.

  • All funeral home services necessary for such a funeral including collection (during normal working hours) and care of the deceased and provision of a simple coffin (most likely oak foil finish with brassed plastic handles and fittings)

  • Typical time allowance of 30 or 45 minutes separation between funerals, but dependent upon location selected.

  • Capacity for mourners and car parking depends upon location.

  • Timing of the funeral will be between Monday and Friday at a time we propose (likely to be early AM).


Some items that are not included:

  • Fees payable to cremation or burial authority (charges vary greatly – see separate notes on this matter within the ‘Full Pricelist and Additional Information’ PDF)

  • If the funeral is to result in a cremation, fees may be payable to doctors for medical certificates (up to £82.00)

  • Fee payable to a minister or celebrant to officiate at the funeral service.

  • If the funeral service is to be held in a church prior to attending a separate location for committal and burial/cremation, we make an additional charge to reflect the additional time involved.

  • Chapel of Rest visiting prior to the day of the funeral.

  • Any higher level of professional services on our part.

  • Flexibility to choose the date and timing of the funeral service.

  • Saturday, Sunday or evening funeral ceremony.

  • AV provision.

Choices - Simple Funerals