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Selecting a memorial is not a matter to be rushed. There is a large range of materials and designs available and the words for the inscription need to be carefully considered. We recommend discussing this with one of our consultants so that you can consider the merits of the different options open to you. It is also very important to understand any restrictions that govern what you may select for the memorial. Quite often, particularly in churchyards, only specific materials and designs are permitted and occasionally there are guidelines towards the suitability of inscriptions. Prior to erecting a memorial, the burial authority (church or cemetery) has to approve the design of the memorial and inscription so it is important to have the correct information from the beginning to avoid disappointment.

Lawn memorials

Memorials for lawn graves are limited to the area at the head end of the grave, leaving the remainder of the grave to grass (lawn). Exact measurements will vary among cemetery authorities but generally the memorial and its base will not extend more than, approximately, 18” into the grave.


Traditional memorials

A traditional section in a burial ground generally means that the whole of the grave space, typically 7’ x 3’, can be covered by a memorial. These sections are quite rare in recent years as ground maintenance becomes more difficult for the burial authority.


Cremation memorials

Cremation tablets vary more than any other type of memorial and therefore it is imperative to know the burial ground's regulations before selecting. Some graves are restricted to the very simplest flat tablet, other cremated remains graves allow virtually any type of traditional memorial scaled down in size to fit the grave.


Children’s memorials

To follow are some examples of typical memorials to children. The potential variations are limitless, as in addition to the choice of material there is the choice of design shape, colour, size, pictorial design on the face and use of flower vase. As memorials are usually created to order, the examples shown are intended as a guide only.