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Lawn memorials

Memorials for lawn graves are limited to the area at the head end of the grave, leaving the remainder of the grave to grass (lawn). Exact measurements will vary among cemetery authorities but generally the memorial and its base will not extend more than, approximately, 18” into the grave.

A lawn memorial may be a vertical headstone or a variation of this such as an open book, a cross, a scroll or a low height tablet. Memorials tend to be constructed in Granite, Marble, Slate, Purbeck, or in other English sandstone, such as Portland.

It is extremely important to recognise that burial authorities, particularly churchyards, often have strict guidelines about the material used in the design of the memorial, as well as about the height of the memorial. To avoid disappointment it is very wise to discuss the location of the grave so we can advise of any such restrictions.

The potential variations for memorials are limitless, as in addition to the choice of material there is the choice of design shape, colour, size, pictorial design on the face and use of flower vase. As memorials are usually created to order, the examples shown are intended as a guide only.

Due to this variation it is not easy to give exact costs for the memorial itself. However, we will of course give a full quotation based upon your selection before you make a final decision.