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Social & Spiritual 

The loss of a person close to you will inevitably change your life; the closer you were to the person, the greater the change will be. If it should be your spouse or partner that has died then your loss is likely to be the most profound.

There is no quick fix and your bereavement is likely to be extremely painful and at times difficult to bear. If you wish to, please refer to our pages under Help and Advice where this is discussed in more detail.

The purpose of this page is to provide bereaved people with the tools they need to help them find their way in their new life without the person who has died. This entails where to find new outlets for your time socially, as well as how to try to manage and learn more about your bereavement and to focus it constructively.

Quite often, the spouse or partner of the deceased will have spent long periods caring for him/her prior to the death. This may well have caused a degree of withdrawal from social life and even to some degree, neglecting their own wellbeing. Here we offer suggestions, events and contacts that may help you correct this for the future.

To follow is a list of the support events we arrange along with a description of what you may expect from them. The actual dates of the events can be found in the Event Calendar. There is also a list of the partners that we work with who are able to offer social support and assistance.

Lunches for people that have been recently widowed

Remembrance Services

These are usually held on, or close to, festival days and provide an opportunity to focus positively on the memory of the person who died rather than dwelling negatively upon what might otherwise have been. For instance, if it is Mother’s Day and your wife, mother, grandmother or even just a matriarchal figure within the family has died over the last year or so, it would be difficult not to feel sadness and loss on such a profound day. Suffering this in silence is not the solution.

Our remembrance services celebrate the relationship (in this analogy motherhood) and remember by name those who are being mourned by those attending. Often there is an opportunity to write a private message on a memory card and sometimes volunteers will read during the service.

While following a simple Christian format, the religion is low-key, with the main focus on positive memories. Light refreshments always follow the services with an opportunity for those present to socialise with other families who find themselves in very similar situations. These events are free of charge.

Remembering Loved Ones

Our resident minister John hosts these events in small intimate groups of perhaps 10 to 20 people. Deliberately there is no set structure to the meeting, which usually lasts for a couple of hours. John starts and promotes discussion and activities but those present are encouraged to get involved in order to make the most of the opportunity these events present. 

It is common that those attending have a range of relationships to the person who has died. Among the attendees there is also a range of time that has passed since the death of their loved one occurred.

Monthly Walking Group

As a complementary addition to the resources already provided by Outlook, walking is an activity that is both social and good for your health. 

Tapper Funeral Service are teaming up with Forest Holme of Poole to provide regular, monthly walks. Via Outlook Bereavement Support, we will be sponsoring the walking group for 2013, during which 12 monthly walks will be laid on. Each walk will be announced in detail some time in advance and the headlines of all walks will be listed on our Events Calendar.

Some walks are short and on the flat; others are longer and more challenging; there is something for everyone who is reasonably mobile. Common to all of the walks is that professional guide David Knox plans and advertises the route well in advance, ensures all safety concerns have been taken care of, researches the places of interest on route and plans a tea-room or similar for refreshments afterwards.

These walking events will be free of charge to anyone person who is bereaved but for organisational reasons David needs to know in advance who is attending. Please feel free to contact us to express your interest. 
(01202 339099 or e: steven.tapper@tapperfuneralservice.co.uk)

Social activities

We offer a variety of events on an occasional basis, ranging from a summer picnic with music to tea dances to coach trips for days out. These events are purely social with the principal aim of providing opportunities for those who are bereaved to engage in rewarding and social activity. While all events are subsidised by sponsorship, there is a charge for some.

Partners offering social activity

Gad-about tours

Gad-a-bouts Travel club was established in 2002, and is a local travel club based in Broadstone. The club enables members to enjoy a range of super weekends, holidays and days out; mix with people of similar ages and like-minded interests and helps single people to make new friends and acquaintances.

All excursions are on coaches hired from reputable local companies and collect from a number of locations. In addition, Gad-a-bouts meets once a month at the Conservative Club in Tudor Road, Broadstone, so that members can have a chat and a coffee and catch up on what the club is doing, and book and pay for trips. Membership in 2013 will be £12 this is an annual membership and can include up to 4 adults and any children (up to 16 years) per address. Please contact Elaine Middlehurst on 01202 640103 for further details.

Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club

Tapper Funeral Service provides some sponsorship to Dolphin Indoor Bowling Club in Fleetsbridge, Poole and due to this partnership, we are able to offer a personal introduction and guided tour to anyone who has recently been bereaved. We recommend this club as somewhere to consider for a new social environment and for active leisure pursuits.

Being one of the largest bowling clubs in the country, it has a busy social agenda and a complete mixture of sporting abilities. It is conveniently located for access from Poole, Purbeck and from the west of Bournemouth. It has a large car park in its own grounds. Anyone who is interested in becoming a member and perhaps taking up the sport as a complete novice will be made very welcome by the President Bob Plasted and Chairman Dave Porter both of whom are keen to provide a personal tour to our guests. 

Anyone who is interested may contact us for more information or of course may contact Dolphin directly, see: http://www.dolphinindoorbowlsclub.com/ or call 01202 675551.