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Who To Inform

Following a death there are quite often a number of people who should be informed and affairs to be sorted out. Naturally, all family members are first and foremost. Although the list is not exhaustive, we list below a few others:

  • Medical (cancel appointments)

  • Financial (bank, credit cards, insurances)

  • Employer or any work-related association

  • Utilities (phone, gas, water and electricity)

  • Redirect mail

  • Newspaper and milk deliveries (cancel)

  • Pensions (a copy death certificate will be required)

  • Inland Revenue (possible refund as tax is paid assuming a full year of payments)

  • Car insurance (cancel or change name)

  • Secure the property and valuables

  • DSS (after the death of a spouse, the surviving husband/wife may qualify for state benefits and/or state pension entitlement may change)

  • Solicitor (if they are holding a Will)