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Funeral Celebrant

The appointment of a person that will lead the funeral service is of paramount importance for it is the planning of the service and ultimately what is said during it that will hopefully form a meaningful and enduring positive memory of the funeral.

A modern funeral service needs to draw out the personality of the individual who has died, to reflect upon the life-story that made him/her the person they were, to capture the sense of humour the person had by relaying a few tales and to bring it all together focusing in a profound manner on what has happened and how much the person will be missed and to give thought to the nearest family members who are left behind, all in the context of their religious or spiritual belief.

Some families will have a relationship with a particular church, minister or even just a religious denomination and consequently their choice of person to officiate at the funeral service may be a very simple one.

In some circumstances, families consider that a religious service or one where a licensed Minister of Religion officiates is not in keeping with the deceased’s spiritual perspective. The Funeral Celebrant has become a common feature of the modern funeral to assist in such circumstances.

We have our own team of Celebrants that offer family-led ways to create a funeral service, respecting a person’s spiritual leaning while drawing out the personal attributes that will make the service special.

Our team of Funeral Celebrants also lead of bereavement support, often continuing long after the funeral.