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Choice of Funeral Plans

Illustrated here are a number of fully underwritten plans that include everything required for the funeral that is described; the content of the plan can be added at the time of the funeral should your family wish to. Funeral plans are quite often purchased based upon a general expectation and safe in the knowledge that a known level of service is fully underwritten. The purchaser leaves the option for varying the details with their family members should it be their wish.

However, funeral plans can contain a considerable amount of personal choice and it may be for this reason that a plan is purchased. In such circumstances it is best that we meet to discuss every detail that you wish noted for your funeral; this may be everything from the choice of coffin to the music that is played at the funeral to the words on a memorial afterwards. We will always provide you with an itemised quotation for your plan but the following packages will give you a basic indication of the likely costs.


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